Muslim Leader Pleased With Terror Arrest, But Concerned About Tactics

A local Muslim leader says he's happy about the arrest of an Ashland man on terrorism charges, but he's concerned about the undercover FBI operation that led to it.

Atif Harden, of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, is among those who had Rezwan Ferdaus ousted from the center.

But Harden says he's concerned about undercover agents posing as al-Qaida recruiters.

"Why do they have to make up this elaborate plan? To me it's publicly irresponsible because it creates fear in people that this sort of plan was, like, maybe imminent," Harden said. "It was not imminent. It was never gonna happen.

"They come up with these things, you know, diabolical plans to kill millions of people. Alright, but he's planning these things with the FBI agents who are posing as al-Qaida people."

Harden also says he's distressed that people believe Ferdaus' views and violent ambitions are typical among Muslims.

Ferdaus faces a dangerousness hearing on Monday.

This program aired on September 30, 2011. The audio for this program is not available.


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