Daily Rounds: Jobs Death Respiratory Failure, Tumor; Childbirth After Running A Marathon; Attacking Romney; Rethinking ADHD

Steve Jobs Died at Home of Respiratory Arrest - Bloomberg "The Santa Clara County Public Health Department in San Jose, California, issued the document today, listing respiratory arrest as the immediate cause of death, with “metastatic pancreas neuroendocrine tumor” as the underlying cause. There was no autopsy performed." (

Woman gives birth after running a marathon - "A woman gave birth after running a marathon. That's right, she popped out a kid after running (OK, and walking) 26.2 miles of the Bank of America Chicago Marathon on Sunday and crossing the finish line, according to the Chicago Tribune. The woman, Amber Miller, said her doctor said it was OK for her to run while she was almost 39 weeks pregnant with her second child. Miller said she felt contractions during the race, but they became more frequent toward the end. The best part of this whole scenario? She not only beat her husband with a time of 6:25:50, but she stopped to get a sandwich before going to the hospital. A girl's gotta eat, right? And you never know about that hospital food." (Los Angeles Times)

Perry Video Attacks Romney on Health Care - "Mr. Perry’s video features an old clip of Tim Russert interviewing Mr. Romney on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” If the health plan is working in Massachusetts, Mr. Russert asks, “why wouldn’t you apply it to the rest of the country?” “I would,” Mr. Romney says. It ends with Mr. Romney saying “there are a lot of reasons not to elect me,” and Mr. Obama’s voice saying “he’s right.” (The Caucus) ADHD: The role of diet and sleep - Child In Mind - ( "For example, I took care of one teenage girl with symptoms of inattention who met diagnostic criteria for ADHD. I learned that up until her thirteenth birthday, her mother lay in bed with her every night until she fell asleep. Then on the day of her birthday, her mother decided that her daughter was too old for this habit, and abruptly stopped, insisting that she fall asleep on her own. Not surprisingly, her brain and body had no idea how to fall asleep independently, so she was staying up until two or three o'clock every morning, sneaking her laptop into bed with her."

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