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Tensions High In Boston After Occupy Wall Street Dispersed

This article is more than 11 years old.

Tensions are high at Occupy Boston's Dewey Square camp after New York police ousted demonstrators from Zuccotti Park overnight.

Occupy Boston protesters have said all along that a Boston winter won't make them to quit. But after police broke up demonstrators in New York, there's a sense of uncertainty.

Emily Colby, from Grantham, N.H., says she's concerned Boston might be next.

"It was worrying for us, even though we've had a pretty good relationship with the BPD, which we're really thankful for," Colby said.

"There's a fear there. I mean, we're not here trying to get arrested. We're here to support ideals that we believe in, and things that we believe in to peacefully communicate."

One demonstrator, Jose Wiley, says he's already preparing for when police order the Boston camp to leave.

"If this camp falls, we're gonna sleep on the streets," Wiley said. "We're gonna sleep right in the streets blocking traffic. They drag us off to jail, but you know what? There's so many of us, we're gonna flood their jails."

Occupy Boston demonstrators say they're preparing a number of solidarity events later Tuesday, and plan to send people to New York to help re-occupy Zuccotti Park.

This article was originally published on November 15, 2011.

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