Daily Rounds: Mass. Hospital Matriarchy; Presidents Outlive Others; Maine Insurance 'Off The Charts'; Pregnancy Hormone Diet Illegal

This article is more than 9 years old.

Women take charge at Mass. hospitals (Boston Globe) - "At Massachusetts hospitals, women are increasingly running the show. Women lead 28, or one-fourth, of the 111 hospitals licensed by the state, excluding behavioral health and psychiatric facilities. That’s a far greater share of the top spots than in the state’s 100 largest public companies, where only six women are in charge. The latest woman to take the reins is Karen Moore, chief executive of Marlborough Hospital, who last week joined a senior management team made up almost entirely of women." (

Being president is tough but usually not fatal, a study concludes (The New York Times) - "Despite a common assumption that life in the Oval Office prematurely ages its occupants and speculation that it may even shorten life spans, a new statistical analysis has found that most presidents have actually lived longer than other American men their age. And all living presidents have either already surpassed the average expected life span or are likely to do so." (

Interest in new employer health insurance 'off the charts' (Bangor Daily News) - "Maine’s first foray into a new model for employer-based health care has attracted more interest than the program can accommodate. Known as MaineSense, the program allows employers to join forces to offer health insurance through a “captive,” which is a member-owned insurance company that does not offer policies to the public. Maine appears to be the first state in the nation to allow captives to offer health insurance, Edwards said." (Bangor Daily News)

Feds say HCG diet remedies are illegal (NPR-Shots) - "If you thought those HCG diet ads sounded too good to be true, the Food and Drug Administration agrees with you. Today, the FDA and Federal Trade Commission went after a bunch of companies that sell homeopathic human chorionic gonadotropin to help people lose weight. The regulators said the marketing of the products makes them "unnapproved new drugs." That's "illegal," says the FDA, which is telling the companies to stop. HCG is a natural hormone made by the placenta during pregnancy. A prescription-strength version is given by injection as a part of fertility treatment." (NPR)

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