The Mastectomy Photo That Facebook Forbade

The Boston Globe's Deborah Kotz has just posted about an interesting Facebook controversy: She writes on The Daily Dose that the social media giant's no-nudity rules led to its "pulling down photos posted by British breast cancer patient, Joanne Jackson, showing her recovery from a mastectomy."

Deb invites readers to weigh in on whether they agree with Facebook, and writes:

Jackson was also warned that she might lose her account entirely if she kept posting such images.

So she’s taken her fight to Twitter, asking folks to retweet her photos and retweeting them back, as one of her recent posts read, “RT this is me 2wk after mastectomy Facebook says its offensive and against policy, I see a strong woman, you?”

The Globe being the Globe, the Daily Dose post does not feature the actual photo (No, no, no, how could you even think I meant that they can be a bit stodgy sometimes??? I meant that they don't illustrate their blog posts, of course!) So there is one above — thanks to the Globe link — and Joanne Jackson is @ThornhillSW on Twitter. I think the Globe's description nails it: "She looks stunning, like the Greek godess Athena with a victorious smile on her face."

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