Amanda Palmer’s Kickstarter-Funded Album Released

Reviews are rolling in now that Boston rocker Amanda Palmer’s new indie album, “Theatre Is Evil” has been released. She’s selling it on her site,, but it’s also available on Amazon, iTunes and via other outlets.

The chatter among her 640,000+ Twitter followers is bubbling.

From Palmer’s long-time friend and musical collaborator Ben Folds:

Anticipation and curiosity about the recording has been building for months in the wake of Palmer's $1.2 million crowd-funding campaign. She broke the record for most money raised by a musician on

A sampling of the reviews:

The Seattle P-I says:

“I think I'm being quite honest when I say I've not heard anything like this disc before.”

The Washington Post says:

“But lyrically, Palmer is an outlier who specializes in the raw and the weird, such as the viscerally sad “Trout Heart Replica,” which draws parallels between the killing of a fish and a doomed relationship; it’s history’s only vegetarian murder ballad/love song.”

WhatCulture says:

“But just because the album is absurd, it doesn’t mean it’s bad. Far from it. Theatre of Evil is a great, definitely-not-Dresden-Dolls-esque romp that shows that Amanda Palmer (and the Grand Theft Orchestra) can produce music from absolutely nothing.”

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