The Massachusetts Chain Saw Maestro Takes To National Geographic Channel

Jesse Green
Jesse Green and his creations. Photo, courtesy of Jesse Green.

Reality has dawned on Medway’s Jesse “The Machine” Green. At least Reality TV. The National Geographic Channel begins an eight-part series from 10 to 11 tonight on the local chain saw artist. Here’s the press release:

Follow New England chainsaw sculptor extraordinaire and hard-rock front man Jesse “The Machine” Green as he and the rest of his quirky crew create masterpieces carved out of wood for celebs, businesses and lucky fans.  This veteran artist covered in sawdust and wielding huge ferocious saws has just one humble goal: to bring his unique brand of art to the whole world.  Whether it’s an intricately detailed dragon for a Salem witch shop, a 27-foot tall baseball bat for a children’s sports league, or a clown that squirts water out of its mouth for the circus, Jesse and his crew always approach the project head on.  We’ll see the physical dangers of wielding chainsaws in hail and rain, or while perched precariously in the air on scaffolding and lifts. But each new sculpture has to be cooler and more extreme than the last.

And click here for Andrea Shea’s profile of Green from 2010.

This program aired on November 29, 2012. The audio for this program is not available.

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