Boston Musician Connects With Cuban Painter

As part of her series on Cuba, WBUR's Andrea Shea traveled there on a "people-to-people" cultural tour where she reported on a Boston gallery owner’s “trade mission” to open U.S.-Cuba relations through art and the Cuban music scene.

As part of her reporting, Shea spoke to Berklee College of Music professor Bill Banfield, who went to Cuba to connect with musicians and who also wanted the chance to collaborate with Cuban painter Orestes Gaulhiac.

Ever since Banfield purchased one of Gaulhiac's paintings, the musician has longed to work with the artist on a project. Shea spoke to Banfield as he flew back to the U.S. after meeting with Gaulhiac in Havana:

WBUR Series: Cuba Opens Through Art:

This program aired on January 24, 2013. The audio for this program is not available.


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