Liars & Believers Play Around With Gaiman

Bogart approached Gaiman about the story around the same time that Liars & Believers artistic director Jason Slavic asked him to create a work for the company. Gaiman’s story was riddled with ambiguity, which was a perfect match for Liars & Believers, a company that focuses on multi-disciplinary, collaborative work. As Bogart puts it, “we need theater that doesn't have all the answers and that allows for ambiguity.”

Over 20 artists have gathered together to share how the imagery and mythology of an unpublished short story has inspired or moved them. While the blizzard of 2013 has played havoc with their rehearsal schedule, the beauty of technology (in the form of Dropbox) has allowed them to create a completely new piece. The company has met only three times for a few hours over a four month period and has pulled their production together despite the record-breaking snow.

Robin Allen LaPlante is a local arts administrator who is skilled in the mystical arts of social media, ballet, and arts marketing. When not writing, she is baking delicious goodies or camping with her dog, Jack, and husband, Clarke.

This program aired on February 13, 2013. The audio for this program is not available.


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