Globe And Herald Reach Printing Deal

The Boston Globe and the Boston Herald are now two peas in a pod when it comes to printing. The Globe’s presses will print each copy of the Herald, too, starting July 1.

Herald publisher Pat Purcell said it has never been more important for newspapers to be more efficient. "While we will continue to compete for readers and advertisers," Purcell said in a statement, "we also recognize that we can serve those audiences better and longer by cooperating in areas that are cost effective."

Last year the rivals decided to give cost-sharing a test run, with the Globe printing a third of all Heralds. The move helped the tabloid cut costs, including workers. The broadsheet boosted its non-circulation or advertising revenue by 20.8 percent last year.

Now the two dailies have inked a 10-year deal for the Globe to print the Herald’s full press run. Terms weren’t disclosed.

The cost-sharing deal could help the Globe cash in. Its owner, The New York Times Company, has put the daily up for sale. The deadline for submitting bids is June 27.

"This agreement represents an important component for the future of our business," said Globe vice president of operations Richard E. Masotta in the joint statement.

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