Forecast: Three Storms On Tap This Week

I hope you enjoyed the spring-like weekend because the next week of weather is going to be anything but spring-like.

In some respects, this first full week of February is going to be a repeat of last year. While we are not looking at a record breaking blizzard this week, we are going to see three weather systems, each of which will bring various amounts of snow and ranges of impacts to the area.

Snowfall predictions through Monday evening (Click to enlarge)
Snowfall predictions through Monday evening (Click to enlarge)

Storm No. 1

For today, snow will be light and not last very long. This morning we will not see any issues with precipitation. Snow will break out later this morning south of Boston and move northward, reaching the Massachusetts Turnpike before noon.

Snow will continue to fall through the evening commute at various intensities.  This means visibility will be impacted so expect a slower ride home than is typical.  Most areas will end up with a few inches of fresh snow from this small storm.

Storm No. 2

Tuesday is lull day between systems.  Late Tuesday night, snow breaks out again and by Wednesday morning it looks like an inch to 3 inches on the ground. This will all lead to cancellations and delays for Wednesday as well as a horrible commute.

The snow continues all day, with the rain/mix line moving northward.  Amounts of snow will generally be on the order of 5 to 10 inches with the least amount south of Boston and the greatest snowfall north and west of the city.

Storm No. 3

It turns cold and dry for Thursday and Friday with another storm for late Saturday. This storm has the potential to be the largest of the three, but like so many nor’easters we see, the rain/snow line is going to be critical to forecasting amounts of snow.

With a forecast like this one, I recommend listening to latest forecasts often and keep in mind your plans are going to need to be flexible around these storms if you don’t want to be driving in them. Anytime we get into a stormy pattern there are lots of rumors about the forecast so listen with a grain of salt.

Monday: Snow ends late this afternoon and evening. Temperatures of 32 to 38 degrees. A coating north of Boston and up to 2 inches around the city.

Monday night: Gradually becoming mostly clear, with a low of 20 to 25.

Tuesday: Mostly sunny with a high near 33 to 37.

Tuesday night: Increasing clouds with snow developing by morning. Lows in the 20s. New snow accumulation up to 3 inches by the commute Wednesday.

Wednesday: Snow and sleet with highs in the mid 30s.

Wednesday night: Snow ends and colder lows in the teens.

Thursday: Sunny with a high in the upper 20s.

Friday: Mostly sunny with a high near the upper 20s.

Saturday: Partly sunny with a high near 30. Snow at night.

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This article was originally published on February 03, 2014.

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