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On Point With Tom Ashbrook: The Boston Marathon Bombing

This article is more than 6 years old.

1. Balancing Security, Risk: What the Boston Marathon Bombings Teach Us

April 17, 2013

Soft targets” barely begins to capture how utterly vulnerable people were when the bombs went off Monday in Boston.

Now comes the inevitable question: Do we have to button all this down? Harden the security of joyously open and free public days? Crank surveillance to the max? Or is that all wrong?

2. Absorbing the Boston Marathon Bombings

April 18, 2013

Boston joined the list of American cities hit with instant trauma in a violent late. “On Point” convened the city’s urgent self-examination. Writers Dennis Lehane and Anita Shreve, musician Amanda Palmer, and Car talk’s Ray Magliozzi  joined us.

3. The Brothers Tsarnaev

April 22, 2013

Why would two young men years in this country allegedly set down bombs in the middle of men and women and children and exhausted runners and calmly walk away as their explosions tore into life and limb? Why?

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