Portraits Of Boston: Express Your Gratitude

“I consider myself extremely lucky and I often express gratitude. I think people who express gratitude are happier. I see a lot of angry people who have forgotten gratitude.”

“How do you usually express your gratitude?”

“I smile at people.”

“What’s the thing that you are most grateful for?”

“Ironically, it’s the tragic things that happen in our lives that teach us that the smaller moments in life are good.

I medically died once, and I’m here to tell you that it’s no big deal. I’m less fearful of death now. I’m not religious, so I’m not afraid of what will happen after. I love this story about the little boy asking, ‘What will life be like after I die?” His father responds brilliantly, ‘Well, do you remember what life was like before you were born? It will be like that.” The boy says, ‘Oh…OK.’”


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