Market Basket Uprising A Unique Labor Dispute, Expert Says

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A Suffolk University Law School professor who specializes in labor law says the ongoing Market Basket employee calling for the reinstatement of former CEO Arthur T. Demoulas are unlike anything he has ever seen.

Marc Greenbaum tells WBUR's Deborah Becker the massive scope of the uprising organized by non-unionized workers is unusual.

Although Market Basket employees have gathered a majority of customers' support — leaving store shelves desolate — whether their calls will be answered is difficult to predict, Greenbaum says.

Demoulas was ousted by the board of the family-owned grocery chain last month after a decades-long dispute with his cousin, who controls the board.

Thousands of supporters have protested outside Market Basket stores in Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire saying they fear that the new management will eliminate the low prices and good employee benefits the supermarket chain is known for.

Listen to our entire conversation with Greenbaum above.

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This segment aired on July 23, 2014.


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