Legal Fight Erupts Over Sale Of Schilling Computer

Shonda Schilling, the wife of former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling, has fought for the return of a personal computer purchased at auction.

The Providence Journal reports that ConsignWorks of Dudley, Massachusetts, ran the sale in October 2013.

John Sullivan of Natick, Massachusetts, paid $100 for the computer, saying he wanted to see "how the other half lives."

Sullivan asked for a password for the computer. He was contacted by a lawyer representing Shonda Schilling and told the computer contains personal information belonging to Schilling and her family and was not part of the sale.

Hayes said the Schillings "required that it be returned" and on Friday, ConsignWorks paid Sullivan $1,000 to buy it back. It's not yet been returned to the Schillings.

Sullivan says he spent about $1,500 in legal bills.


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