Forecast: Sunny With Highs In The 60s

After a pair of warm days we have more typical temperatures with sunshine expected to last all day Thursday. Winds will be light making Thursday an overall nice day.

Solar glare Thursday morning and again in the afternoon is really the only weather issue. This problem will continue to be an issue for the next several months. But, eventually the sun will be setting before many of you leave the office, so the evening glare won’t be as big of an issue.

The weekend forecast remains a challenge for Saturday. There is going to be a storm system passing to our south. The northern edge of the clouds is likely going to keep sunshine at a premium and some rain might creep up towards the Massachusetts Turnpike.

If you are spending the weekend on Cape Cod the chance of rain is high enough that I might consider changing outdoor plans Saturday morning. There’s a 50-50 chance it will rain over Cape Cod from 5 a.m. until about 10 a.m., which of course means it might be dry as well. I’ll refine those chances Friday to give you a better idea of Saturday’s weather.

Sunday and Monday bring a return to sunshine, but cooler temperatures make it feel very much like late October. Much of next week may turn out dry and warmer than average. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a day or two when we get back into the 70 degree range.

Today: Sunny with highs between 61 and 65.

Overnight: Clear with a low around 40 degrees.

Friday: Sunny with a high near 60 degrees.

Saturday: Lots of clouds with some rain possible in the morning mostly south of Boston and around the Massachusetts turnpike. Highs expected between 56 and 61.

Sunday: Mostly sunny and cool with highs between 55 and 59.

Columbus Day: Partly sunny with a high in the lower 60s.

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