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Commentary: Testing Your Political Bias

Joanne Kinchla passes out “I Voted” stickers after voters cast ballots at Burlington High School.
Joanne Kinchla passes out “I Voted” stickers after voters cast ballots at Burlington High School.
This article is more than 8 years old.

We all have our biases. (My own bias is to believe that I am unbiased.) Here’s a post-election test to help you recognize your bias, in case you are uncertain how you should be labeled, politically.

After you answer five questions, add the numbers and divide by 5 to calculate your Political Bias Quotient (PBQ).

Did Charlie Baker’s election victory give him a mandate?

  1. Yes, he ran on a promise of “balance on Beacon Hill,” so he has a mandate to oppose the Democratic-controlled legislature.
  2. No, his margin of victory was too small.
  3. He only has a mandate on issues where he and Martha Coakley agreed – like pledging not to raise taxes or fees – since their combined vote was a huge majority.
  4. I doubt that he should go on a mandate since he’s a happily married hetero.

Was this election a victory for the GOP in Massachusetts?

  1. Yes, Charlie Baker won the crucial race and, as governor, he will be very powerful.
  2. No, other than Charlie Baker, Democrats handily won every hotly contested race.
  3. Both parties can claim whatever they want, but hopefully Evan Falchuk will create a viable, hair-raising United Independent Party so there’s more of a choice in the future.
  4. I don’t want to encourage either party, which is why I made a friend my Designated Voter.

Will Charlie Baker rebuild the Republican Party in this state?

  1. Yes, he will recruit GOP legislative candidates and help raise money for them.
  2. No, he won’t want to risk alienating the Democratic legislature, like former Gov. Mitt Romney did.
  3. Publicly, he will sound nonpartisan, but behind the scenes he’ll help his party.
  4. I didn’t know Charlie Baker was a Republican. Shouldn’t he have advertised that?

Will the governor-elect be a passionate leader, like when he told that fisherman story?

  1. Yes, he is as sensitive as he is tall.
  2. No, he will go back to not caring about fishermen, unless he’s at Legal Sea Foods.
  3. He will be just as emotional, but not until the gubernatorial debates in 2018.
  4. I only like to see politicians cry when they lose.

Should Scott Brown return to Massachusetts and run for office again?

  1. Yes, he is a devoted public servant, and we need new people in Massachusetts.
  2. No, we should only recycle bottles, not politicians.
  3. He should be allowed to return, but only to gamble in casinos, not in elections.
  4. He should buy an old Winnebago so he can claim to have a vacation home in any state that needs a Republican senate candidate.

If your average is 1, you’re Republican. If 2, you’re a Democrat. If 3, you’re independent. And if 4, you are the most prized voter of all – undecided.

Todd Domke is a Republican political analyst for WBUR.

Todd Domke Twitter Republican Political Analyst
Todd Domke is a Republican political analyst for WBUR.



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