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BU Asks Judge To Quash Council Subpoena Issued To School's President

This article is more than 5 years old.

Boston University has asked a judge to quash or change a subpoena the Boston City Council issued to the school's president, demanding that he appear at a hearing on diversity.

The Boston Globe reports that the university argued in court papers that Robert Brown is scheduled to be out of town for the Dec. 2 hearing, making the subpoena an "undue burden."

BU said it has offered to make either a panel of other university officials available at the scheduled hearing, or have Brown testify at a future meeting.

Councilor Tito Jackson said the subpoena was issued after the committee initially requested that Brown testify at an Oct. 24 hearing on diversity among students and employees at colleges and universities in Boston. BU responded by submitting written testimony.


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