Forecast: Dry, Cold Days Ahead

A huge area of high pressure is spreading eastward and keeping much of the country dry for the rest of the work week. This areas of high pressure is coming from Canada and is of arctic origin. This is one of the reasons it's so much chillier across the area today.

If you look at much of the country this week it's cold and dry. This is a result of this system. There is going to be some storminess developing across the southern-tier states late in the week, but it's still questionable what, if any, affects it will have across southern New England.

Back to the high-pressure area for a moment. The central pressure is forecast to be near 1060 millibars which is quite unusual. Highs of this magnitude will bring a lot of dry air can shear rain and snow makers underneath them.

The good news is this system will keep it cold for First Night Boston and other communities and any ice sculptures will be safe. The core of the coldest weather remains out west, so we are left with seasonably cold weather. This may change sometime next week when more bitter arctic air comes closer to New England.

Tuesday: Mostly sunny with a high near 32. A bit breezy.

Tuesday night: Mostly clear and cold. Lows of 15 to 22.

Wednesday: Sunny and breezy at times. High near 30.

Wednesday night: Mostly clear. Temperatures fall through the 20s during the night.

Thursday: Sunny with a high of 30 to 35.

Friday: Mostly sunny with a high near 35.

Saturday: Mostly sunny with a high near 40.

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