Owner Of Squalid Blackstone House Assessed $46,000

A lien of more than $46,000 has been placed on the Massachusetts property that was the site of a squalid home in which three dead babies were found.

If the owner, Kristina Rivera, fails to pay, the town of Blackstone will start with procedures to take ownership of the property.

Town Administrator Daniel Keyes says Rivera has ignored every notification the town has sent her.

The lien lists a series of costs associated with the cleanup of the house, which has since been torn down, including police and firefighter overtime, pest control, and demolition.

The home was occupied by Rivera's brother, Raymond, and his girlfriend, Erika Murray. Murray has pleaded not guilty to murder in connection with the deaths of two babies.

Four living children were also found in the home.

This article was originally published on January 23, 2015.



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