Forecast: After Cold Start, Mild Weather Toward End Of Week

Colder-than-average temperatures will continue much of the next seven days, although we do have about 48 hours of milder weather to look forward to later this week. I don’t see any big rain or snow events on the horizon as the snowpack continues to slowly disappear.

The ice will be getting significantly weaker this week, so watch yourselves and your kids and pets around lakes and ponds.

Today we have a lot of clouds but also some breaks of sunshine. Rain showers are possible a couple of times during the day, and, in the higher elevations, wet snow can mix in. I don’t expect much precipitation and with the lack of sunshine, it will remain chilly.

Another storm will pass south of the area Tuesday, bringing a period of rain to New York but just some afternoon and evening clouds here. It’s still going to be chilly. Highs on average would be in the 50s on the final day of March, but we’ll have to wait until Thursday to see it that mild.

The end of the week brings a temporary flow of air from the south and propels temperatures well into the 60s. You might not realize it, unless you are looking at weather maps, but much of the country is quite warm this week with highs west of Chicago today in the 70s.

The brief burst of mild air to close the workweek will be accompanied by some showers and a significant loss of snow cover. If you have less than 6 inches of snow left on your yard, it’s likely to be gone by Saturday. I think those of you with a foot or more of snow will need to wait at least another week, or closer to April 10 to April 12, for the snow to be gone.

Monday: Changeable skies with a few rain showers or snow showers in the higher elevations. Highs in the mid-40s.

Monday night: Mostly cloudy and breezy. Lows of 28 to 34.

Tuesday: Sunny and brisk. Highs of 43 to 46.

Wednesday: Early clouds and then sunny. Highs of 40 to 45.

Thursday: Mostly sunny with a high around 50.

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