Boston Marathon Bombing Trial Suspended For Day Over Sick Juror

Testimony in the death penalty trial of Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was suspended Thursday because of a sick juror.

Judge George O'Toole Jr. announced that the juror has a "temporary illness" but is expected to return when court resumes Monday.

Tsarnaev, 21, is on trial for his life. He was convicted this month of all 30 charges against him, including 17 that carry the possibility of the death penalty. The bombings on April 15, 2013, killed three people and injured more than 260 others, many of whom lost limbs.

Tsarnaev's Russian relatives were expected to testify Thursday but are now likely to testify Monday. In all, five relatives - all from Russia - are expected to testify for the defense.

Tsarnaev and his family moved to the U.S. from Russia in 2002 when he was 9.

Testimony on Wednesday was largely focused on Dzhokhar as a child. His former teachers testified that he was a hardworking boy with a bright future.

The defense has zeroed in on the role Dzhokhar's older brother, 26-year-old Tamerlan, played in the bombings. Tamerlan died days after the attacks following a shootout with police.

Dzhokhar's lawyers have portrayed Tamerlan as the mastermind of the attack and a domineering influence on Dzhokhar.

To illustrate that, the defense introduced a photograph of a cherubic-looking Dzhokhar when he was about 9 years old. In the photo, he is sitting on a bench next to Tamerlan, who is about 16. Tamerlan has his arm around him, while Dzhokhar rests his arm on his older brother's leg.

Prosecutors have said the brothers were partners in the bombing, which was designed to retaliate against the U.S. for its actions in Muslim lands.


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