Latest Checkup Podcast: Teen Zombies, From Sleep To Porn To Impulsive Choices

News bulletin: Teens are ... different. They're caught betwixt childhood and adulthood, but they're no simple hybrid of the two — they can sometimes seem more like a separate species.

In the latest episode of The Checkup podcast, we explore three important aspects of the adolescent mind:

• Do you beg your teenager to go to sleep earlier so he or she can function? Well, it turns out they physically can't do that, explains Dr. Marvin Wang, a pediatrician at Massachusetts General Hospital on a mission to make school start times later.

• Also, why adolescent brain development is the culprit behind so much bad (and sometimes law-breaking) decision-making and reckless behavior.

• And, a sex therapist talks about how Internet porn can sabotage a teenager's ability to have a normal romantic relationship.

In case you missed other recent episodes: "Power to the Patient" looked at ways we can all feel in more control of our health care; "High Anxiety" explored hormones, parenting and fear of flying; and "Sexual Reality Checks" examined penis size, female desire and aging.

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Each week, The Checkup features a different topic — previous episodes focused on college mental health, sex problems, the Insanity workout and vaccine issues.

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