This Month Could Be Boston's Driest May On Record

The Boston area is in the midst of what could be its driest May on record — since 1944.

According to The Boston Globe, "only 0.31 inches of precipitation have fallen so far this month, less than a 10th of the average."

National Weather Service hydrologist Nicole Belk says so far this month the dry conditions have only caused the soil to dry out.

But, she told WBUR, "If we were not to get considerable rain going forward, it would exacerbate conditions pretty quickly."

March and April were also abnormally dry for the region.

The weather service says receiving even less than an inch of rain could bring the area out of its moderate drought.

"If we even get one well-placed thunderstorm over Boston, it could knock us out of the top 10 [driest Mays on record]," Belk added.

According to WBUR meteorologist David Epstein, showers are forecast to pop up Thursday evening, with more rain expected Sunday — May 31.



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