Quotation Of The Week: Rising Rent Worries In Eastie

What’s This? A newish feature. Each week, we’re going to pick a newsworthy or huh?-worthy or whoa-worthy quotation that stuck with us.

OK, What’s This Quotation? Rents and home prices have risen in a big way in East Boston, leading many to worry that the neighborhood is losing its immigrant identity, WBUR's Simón Rios reported this week.

Morell, the woman quoted above, is a manager at the swanky Eastie martini bar Ecco. “I am afraid that the character of East Boston is going to be lost,” Morell added of new development in the neighborhood.

Where Can I Find Out More About This Topic? Simón reported Friday afternoon on the opening of a green space in East Boston that's meant to mend relations between Logan Airport and an area that once opposed it.

And on a similar topic, check out this 2013 report on the uncertain future of longtime residents of Boston's Chinatown neighborhood.

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