Mayor Walsh Aims To End Sex Trafficking In Boston 'So Women Don't Have To Feel Unsafe'04:27

This article is more than 6 years old.

The city of Boston, led by Mayor Marty Walsh, is backing a national effort to raise awareness about sexual exploitation.

"People don't pay attention to [prostitution], it's not infectious disease," Walsh said. "It's not people dying in the streets of heroin overdoses. It's kind of one of those crimes that hasn't always been, I don't think, taken seriously."

By bringing the problem of sex trafficking out of the shadows, the city and its partners aim to reduce demand for prostitution by 20 percent in the next two years.

WBUR's Bob Oakes spoke with Walsh in his City Hall office and asked why this effort, for him, is personal.

This segment aired on July 13, 2015.


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