AP Videos: How Boston Has Suffered Through Years Of Snow

Since it's a sunny summer day in Boston, I feel OK posting this.

On Wednesday, The Associated Press announced that it and newsreel archive British Movietone are uploading "more than 1 million minutes of digitized film footage" to YouTube. AP said it's YouTube's largest-ever upload of historical news content.

So of course I opened up YouTube and searched "Boston" videos.

There's a newsreel of an aged Babe Ruth signing with the Braves and returning to Boston — 21 years after he was traded from the Red Sox.

There's a newsreel of President John F. Kennedy's arrival on Cape Cod for the christening of Robert F. Kennedy's eighth child, Christopher:

And there's an AP video of the Running of the Brides at Filene's Basement.

There are also several videos about snow. (This is Boston, after all.)

The first two, from 1969 and 1974, are almost-eerily silent snow scenes, showing people shoveling, riding sleds and trudging across white streets.

Moving ahead three decades, there's also an AP video of the first major winter storm of 2008 and, of course, a video on the debris-filled snow mound, which, after this year's record-setting snow, only just fully melted.

Check out the full Associated Press and British Movietone archives.

(Hat-tip to FiveThirtyEight for alerting me of the archival video clips.)

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