Quotation Of The Week: Walsh's Words, Then A Withdrawn Olympic Bid

This article is more than 5 years old.

What’s This? A newish feature. Each week, we’re going to pick a newsworthy or huh?-worthy or whoa-worthy quotation that stuck with us.

OK, What’s This Quotation? Monday had a planned U.S. Olympic Committee meeting, but then Boston Mayor Marty Walsh called a news conference before it — "hastily scheduled" was the media term of choice.

At the dramatic press conference, Walsh — an enthusiastic backer of the bid — said he was not ready to sign an agreement, sought by Olympics officials, that would put the city on the hook for any cost overruns.

Hours later, Boston 2024 and the USOC announced the bid was dead.

Where Can I Find Out More About This Topic? The USOC cited a persistent lack of public support in its decision to withdraw the bid, and we reported on a handful more reasons. The decision reverberated in places that would have hosted events, like Dorchester and New Bedford. And it also raised questions about what — if any — aspects of the bid planning process should be explored, despite no Boston Olympics.

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