Quotation Of The Week: Tsarnaev Juror Speaks

What’s This? A newish feature. Each week, we’re going to pick a newsworthy or huh?-worthy or whoa-worthy quotation that stuck with us.
OK, What’s This Quotation? For the first time, a juror in the Boston Marathon bombing trial agreed to speak openly about the experience.
In an interview with WBUR, Kevan Fagan, 23, said he "probably" would have changed his death penalty vote had he known that the family of the slain Martin Richard and other victims' families had written to authorities seeking a sentence of life in prison for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.
Where Can I Find Out More About This Topic? Fagan is co-authoring a book about his experience. Also this week, the judge in the case rejected a Boston Globe motion to publicly release the names of all the trial jurors.
Observers had previously told WBUR's David Boeri that the now-three-plus-month wait for the jury list is unprecedented.
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