Forecast: Hot Today, Then Labor Day Weekend Is Shaping Up Nearly Perfect

Over the next week the basic weather pattern is warm and dry. However, within any pattern there are always subtle and sometimes no-so-subtle differences that occur. Today is a hot and fairly low humidity day. While you will certainly feel the humidity in the air, it won’t be oppressive. While temperatures near 90 degrees in the afternoon, dew points will remain in the mid-60s at their highest; this won’t make the air feel much hotter.

There will be an increase in moisture overnight and this means an uncomfortable night for sleeping. I expect if you got away without the air conditioning last night, you’ll need it tonight. The house will just have a hard time being cool after a day of 90-degree heat again.

Tomorrow brings a cold front through the region. The front does have significantly cooler air behind it, but it won’t be around very long.

As we transition from the heat to the cool, there could be some shower activity. The showers won’t be widespread and, as I have been mentioning, we need rain. The humidity will be very high on Thursday, making for an uncomfortable day. Since the showers and storms are most likely at the end of the day, the overall day will be mostly sunny and still good for outdoor summer activities.

Friday and Saturday are much cooler than we have seen in a while along with very dry air. It will feel crisp on Saturday morning. As the holiday weekend progresses, it will turn warmer and more humid with highs reaching near 90 again by Labor Day. Next week continues warm to hot at least the first part of the week, we may turn cooler late in the week, but that is so far away the forecast can change dramatically by then.

Today: Sunny and hot with moderate humidity. Highs near 90.

Tonight: Generally clear and muggy.  Lows 65-70.

Thursday: Humid with sunshine. Highs 85-90 with some storms possible in the afternoon.

Friday: Mostly sunny, with a high 73-77.

Saturday: Sunny, with a high 75-78.

Sunday: Sunny, with a high near 85.

Labor Day: Sunny, with a high near 85-90.

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