Forecast: A 'Spring-Like Air' Makes Appearance Today, Before Evening Cold, Showers Enter

After a chilly weekend, temperatures this week jumped up, and today we'll see an upward spike in highs as much warmer air moves back into Southern New England. But, the mild air won't last, as this weekend looks to be quite cold.

On Wednesday evening, temperatures were in the 70s in the southern-most spots of the six-state region, while in the north, it was in the 30s. This contrast is typical of spring and fall seasons, when the greatest gradient between air masses exists.

Today a warm front to our north is allowing a flow of milder, spring-like air to wash over the area.

But, this won’t last very long. So, while you're still able, enjoy a walk outside during the middle of the day. You will need to keep a hand on your hat, however, as winds will be picking up this afternoon and becoming quite brisk.

There could also be a shower or even a thunderstorm as a cold front to our west edges closer and eventually puts an end to the warm feeling to the air. The timing of these showers is late in the afternoon and early evening, around homeward commute time. This means a chance for a slower than the already typically slow commute, if the rain is heavy enough. It's also important to remember that traffic tends to slow down in the dark, and the region is now getting dark around 6 p.m.

Tomorrow features a brisk, chilly October day with abundant sunshine. It's going to be cold, with temperatures struggling to rise into the 50s. This means you'll see a low starting point Friday night for Saturday morning's lows in the upper 20s to mid 30s. The warmest spots will be near the water and the city. Since you have likely had a frost already, I won’t advise to cover plants, but if you did put anything back outside this week, it’s time to bring it back in.

Saturday is also chilly, but bright. Sunday brings back the milder air, but clouds and a shower can’t be ruled out.

Today: Breezy and mild with late day showers or thunderstorms possible. Highs 68-72.

Tonight: Any showers end. Turning cooler by morning with clear skies. Lows 41-45.

Friday: Sunny, brisk and chilly. Highs 50-54.

Saturday: Sunny, with a high in the low 50s.

Sunday: Milder with a few showers possible, but mostly dry. Highs around 60.

Monday: Mostly sunny, with a high in the mid 50s.

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