Quotation Of The Week: Late Night MBTA, We Hardly Knew Ye?

What’s This? Each week, we’re going to pick a newsworthy or huh?-worthy or whoa-worthy quotation that stuck with us.
OK, What’s This Quotation? At the regular meeting of the MBTA fiscal control board, members this week expressed frustration with the current late night service — its low ridership and thus its high per-trip subsidy.
This most recent iteration of late night service was piloted last year, and scaled back this year. Now, it appears on the chopping block entirely.
Where Can I Find Out More About This Topic? To the Globe and on Twitter, various city leaders lamented the potential loss of the service, citing impact on workers commuting home late, and on Boston's nightlife. It remains to be seen, though, how the service might continue.
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