Space Going Fast: Launch Event For Our New Feature, 'Narrating Medicine'

Sure, you may be feeling partied out around now, but in a month, the holiday hyper-cheer will have faded from memory and you'll be ready to interact with people again, right?

So here's an invitation to a special CommonHealth event at WBUR: The launch of our new feature, Narrating Medicine, a platform for first-person writing from across the health care spectrum. Interested? You might want to decide quickly, and register here; more than half the 100 seats are already gone. Here's the official invitation text:

You may be the next Oliver Sacks. You may be a health care provider or caregiver who needs to share some hard-won wisdom with the public. Or who just needs some catharsis to fight burnout.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to write, you’re invited to the official launch of Narrating Medicine, Jan. 26, 7-9 p.m., at WBUR, 890 Commonwealth Ave. in Boston. Light refreshments will be served.


CommonHealth co-hosts Carey Goldberg and Rachel Zimmerman introduce Narrating Medicine and explain how it will work. CommonHealth, which averages close to a million clicks a month, will provide editing and audience, including for possible on-air versions of some stories. Writers will share their stories and retain copyright.

We’ll hear from local luminaries who have already ventured into this territory:

Dr. Annie Brewster
Drs. Gene Beresin and Steve Schlozman
Dr. Elissa Ely
Dr. Elizabeth Gaufberg
Dr. Suzanne Koven
Dr. David Scales

And we’ll hear from a legal expert on the first question many writers have: What about HIPAA?


Pitchfest: Got a story you think you might want to write up? Share a two-minute “pitch” and see what reaction you get.

Bookswap: Got good books on medicine and/or writing that you’ve already read? Bring them in and swap them.

Brainstorm: What next? WBUR will host quarterly meetings. Should we hold a "Moth"-like storytelling event? Should we think about a book-length collection?

Network: Hobnob, find a writing partner or constructive critic. Sign up for the Facebook group or suggest another online meeting place.

Hope you can make it! We'll update this post if it sells out (except it can't "sell" out because it's free.) If you're interested but can't make this particular event, please drop an email to with "Narrating Medicine" in the subject line, and we'll keep you in the loop.

Headshot of Carey Goldberg

Carey Goldberg Editor, CommonHealth
Carey Goldberg is the editor of WBUR's CommonHealth section.



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