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Review Finds No Fault With Judges In Zambrano Case

This article is more than 4 years old.

A review has found no fault with the state court system's handling of several criminal cases involving the man who police say shot and killed an Auburn police officer last month.

But Paul Dawley, Chief Justice of the state's district court, in the report released Monday calls for a reevaluation of how cases involving "high-risk" offenders are handled.

Police say Jorge Zambrano shot and killed officer Ronald Tarentino during a May 22 traffic stop. Zambrano was shot and killed by police later that day after a massive manhunt.

Zambrano was free despite a lengthy criminal record and several pending cases against him at the time of the shooting, including two that involved violent encounters with police.

Dawley's report found that decisions made by judges in each case were all "in accordance with the law."


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