Forecast: Perfect Weather For Election Day

Election day is finally here. No matter what your choice is today, it's time to vote.

The weather can be a hindrance to the democratic process, with some years featuring cold, snow, rain and wind. But, this year the weather will not be a factor. As early November days go, this will be one of the nicest possible.

High pressure is in control today, and with a gentle southwest flow of air temperatures will really respond. While it's chilly this morning, 60-degree readings will be commonplace this afternoon.

You might vote for this weather to continue just a bit longer, but unfortunately, there is a term limit on this kind of stuff in November. (OK, OK, those are admittedly pretty bad puns.)

A new regime will be ushered in Wednesday afternoon as a cold front sweeps out the warmth and brings in the colder air from Canada. A period of showers accompanies the change, but isn't long-lasting and some areas will barely see the ground become wet.

As we head into the weekend, colder air will corner the atmosphere and by Saturday morning make itself known on a loud and blustery northwest flow from our Canadian neighbor to the north.

Although it might seem like the warm air has been pushed out of the area permanently we all know how fickle the weather can be around here. As early as Sunday, milder air is back replacing the deep chill of Saturday and this trend continues into next week.

One of the reasons we won't see any prolonged cold in the coming week or two is the air to the north won't contain any widespread cold for a while. With Canada so warm, relative to typical November readings, it's hard for us here in New England to be very cold.

Highs Tuesday will reach the 60s in many areas (Courtesy NOAA)
Highs Tuesday will reach the 60s in many areas. (Courtesy NOAA)

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Tuesday: More sunshine. Highs 58-63.

Tuesday Night: Clouding up. Lows near 40.

Wednesday: Mix of sun and clouds; many areas will see showers. Highs in the mid-50s.

Thursday: Plenty of sunshine. Highs 50-55.

Friday (Veterans Day): Conditions continue to be dry and sunny. Highs in the lower 50s.

Saturday: Cold and dry. Blustery in the morning. Highs only in the lower 40s.

Sunday: More sunshine, not as cool. Highs 45-50

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