Forecast: Mild Today, But Much Colder Tomorrow

First, let's talk about the weekend forecast as I've already received some questions about a possible snowstorm.

Today is Tuesday, and any potential weather event won't occur — if it does at all — until six days from now. So, if you want get an idea of where I stand with the forecast for Sunday, here's a fun little exercise.

First, make some cut outs of snowflakes, raindrops, sunshine and clouds. Now, I'd like you to go paste these to the wall. Next, find that old pin the tail on the donkey set. While blindfolded, put the tail on one of those icons you made. Whatever you choose is about as good as any forecast for late this weekend is going to be right now.

Here's what I do know. Today, is the last mild day before a shot of very cold air for March arrives. There will be some clouds today, but temperatures will reach the lower 50s. I don't expect any shower activity. It's a nice day to get outside, take a walk or even sit in the sunshine and have lunch.

Temperatures will reach the mid-40s by mid-morning today. (Courtesy Weatherbell Analytics)
Temperatures will reach the mid-40s by mid-morning today. (Courtesy Weatherbell Analytics)

An arctic front passes the area overnight and ushers in very cold air. This air mass will be accompanied by strong winds and therefore low windchill. The coldest air is in place Wednesday night and early Thursday. Winds will slacken Thursday, so in spite of the cold it will feel more comfortable.

On Friday, milder air returns. There might be a brief shower, but temperatures will be back into the 40s. Another front slips through the region over the weekend. Exactly how this front moves, where it goes and how strong it becomes will determine the forecast. Again, this we just don't know yet.

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Tuesday: Lots of sunshine. Highs 45-50.

Tuesday Night: Clear and chilly. Lows 28-32.

Wednesday: Mainly sunny and cold. Temperatures remaining in the lower 30s then falling late in the day. Blustery.

Thursday: Mostly sunny and chilly. Highs around 35

Friday: Partly sunny and milder. Highs around 45.

Saturday: Clouds and some breaks. Highs near 50. Chance of a late-day shower.

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