WBUR Is Looking For A Public Radio Show Idea That Will Make You Laugh

(Scott Ritchie/Flickr)
(Scott Ritchie/Flickr)

Got a face for radio? Doesn't matter! What about a sense of humor?

WBUR has launched a contest seeking a new idea for a radio show. The main requirement? The show has to be funny.

On Monday, the Boston NPR station announced they were seeking a person, or a team, with "the best idea for a fun new radio show" — and an engaging host to pull it off. Just think! You could be the next Bob Joakes!

So, if your Nina Totin' Bag overfloweth with comedic genius, WBUR is accepting submissions through April 20. (Check out application guidelines and submit here.)

Three finalists will work with longtime Car Talk producers David Greene and Catherine Fenollosa to refine their ideas. A panel of judges including WBUR managers and producers and "Last Comic Standing" winner and Wait, Wait ... Don't Tell Me regular Alonzo Bodden. The final winner will produce a pilot episode at the WBUR studios.

The station is seeking a a pitch that is "unique, exciting and unexpected for an NPR station to produce," said Iris Adler, WBUR's executive director for programming, podcasts and special projects. However, there's no promise the pilot episode will become a full-fledged radio show.

This contest comes on the heels of Car Talk, which aired on WBUR for more than 40 years, winding down. The chatty car-loving brothers Tom and Ray Magliozzi became iconic public radio comedians as the show started airing nationally in 1987. New episodes ended in 2012, and the production of repackaged shows ended this past September though Best of Car Talk episodes are still airing on many member stations, including WBUR.

“Just like Car Talk was more about Click and Clack’s humor, warmth and zest for life than it was about automotive repair, we believe there are new voices out there who’ll surprise us with their pitch and creative idea for a great new radio show,” said Adler in a statement.

PRX has hosted a similar talent contest, which resulted in launching WNYC's Snap Judgement.

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