Forecast: The Heat Continues For A Few More Days

You might have noticed it feeling a little drier later on Tuesday as winds turned in from the ocean and dew points fell. We'll see that again today before one really sizzling day on Thursday.

Temperatures will continue to run far above normal until Friday and the weekend, when we'll finally get some cooler air which will feel more like fall. It hasn't rained in two weeks and this time of the year many folks like to reseed their lawns or move plants in the garden. Because of the very dry weather over the past couple of weeks, I highly recommend either holding off until we do get some rain or irrigate whatever are you working in quite well.

Thursday's highs will exceed 90 in many places. (Courtesy NOAA)
Thursday's highs will exceed 90 in many places. (Courtesy NOAA)

The next chance of rain comes Thursday with a passage of a cold front but most of us will miss any shower activity. If you do get a shower on that day it could be accompanied by some thunder and gusty winds.

Some of the moisture from tropical storm Gordon may make it into New England early next week, but until then, I don't see any major precipitation. The cool weather this weekend won't last. Already next week it looks as though temperatures will rise way above average once again. Whether we see another day at 90 or not after Thursday is questionable, but I don't see any prolonged cool weather for a while.

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Wednesday: Sunshine/humid. Mid-80s, cooler Cape and Islands.

Wednesday Night: Partly cloudy and mild. Lows 66-72.

Thursday: Sunshine and clouds, highs 88-94. There will be a chance of showers later in the day.

Friday: Sunshine and clouds. Much less hot. Highs 75-80.

Saturday: Sun and clouds. Quite pleasant. Highs 70-75.

Sunday: Partly sunny. Cool. Highs in the upper 60s to lower 70s.

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