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This Week's 'Last Seen': A Dry Run For The Gardner Heist?

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    In the latest episode of Last Seen, WBUR and The Boston Globe's look at the largest unsolved art heist in history, the team discusses Brian Michael McDevitt — who once attempted an art theft at a small, private museum in upstate New York, 10 years before the Gardner thefts.

    On WBUR's Morning Edition, the podcast's senior reporter and producer Kelly Horan and reporter Jack Rodolico join host Bob Oakes to discuss McDevitt and what role he may have played, if any, in the Gardner Heist.

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    This segment aired on November 5, 2018.

    Kelly Horan Twitter Senior Producer, Reporter
    Kelly Horan is the senior producer and a senior reporter of Last Seen.


    Jack Rodolico Reporter
    Jack Rodolico is a senior reporter of Last Seen.



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