Maine Republican Seeks New Election In 2nd District If Outcome Is Not Overturned

Republican U.S. Rep. Bruce Poliquin wants a federal judge to order a new election if he doesn't invalidate Maine's new voting system and declare Poliquin the winner.

Poliquin's request comes in an amended court filing made ahead of a court hearing on ranked-choice voting next week.

Judge Lance Walker denied Poliquin's request to stop the ballot-counting process in which Democrat Jared Golden was declared the winner in the nation's first ranked-balloting election involving congressional candidates.

But Poliquin's lawsuit is still alive. Poliquin wants a judge to declare the system unconstitutional.

The system lets voters rank all candidates on the ballot. Last-place finishers are eliminated and votes reassigned if no candidate emerged as a majority winner in the first round of tallies.



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