Wenham's Gordon College Eliminates Jobs And Majors

Jenks Library, Gordon College. (ethomsen/Flickr)
Jenks Library, Gordon College. (ethomsen/Flickr)

A small Christian liberal arts college in Massachusetts is cutting eight majors and eliminating 36 jobs.

The Salem News reports that Gordon College in Wenham is making what it calls "fundamental shifts" to prepare for its future and avoid the financial woes affecting other small colleges.

Eliminated majors include social work, physics, middle school and secondary education, French and Spanish.

Layoffs will include 11 faculty and six staff employees. Another 17 positions will not be filled. Two retiring faculty members will not be replaced.

Current students can still graduate in their major.

A college spokesman said while some majors will be cut, programs are not being eliminated and students can still pursue those areas of study through other majors.
The school's enrollment has decreased about 6% since 2014.



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