Today's Weather: A Taste Of Summer, But Fall Is The Main Course

After a sunny and cool Monday, temperatures today will be a bit milder, as a quick burst of warmth arrives in the region. Areas south of the Mass Pike, — especially through the Mid-Atlantic states and into the middle of the country — will experience some of the warmest early October weather ever recorded over the next 24 hours.

I expect a lot of records to fall south of New England, but cooler air from Canada is going to cut all of that off at the pass.

Temperatures tonight will actually remain steady, and with a bit of humidity in the air, it may be the last time it feels like summer overnight.

On Wednesday, cooler air from Canada will be moving quickly southward. Depending on how fast the air progresses, it will determine exactly what the high temperatures are for your particular town. It's unlikely the North Shore will get very warm, as marine air arrives quite quickly in the morning.

Cooler air arrives from the north Wednesday afternoon. (Courtesy COD Weather)
Cooler air arrives from the north Wednesday afternoon. (Courtesy COD Weather)

The chill will arrive very quickly later Wednesday afternoon and by the time we get to Thursday, not only will it be raw, but there will also be some precipitation. Thursday is going to be one of the least favorable days we've seen since last spring, with temperatures in the 50s.

Right now, the weekend is looking cool to start but it turns milder by the end, with temperatures approaching 70 again.

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Tuesday: Clouds and some breaks. Milder, highs in the low to mid-70s.

Tuesday night: Mainly cloudy. Lows 61-66.

Wednesday: Partly sunny, then some late day showers. Temperatures falling from mid-day highs. Highs in the low to mid-70s. Up to 80 possible in southern part of the state.

Thursday: Raw and chilly. Some showers. Highs 55.

Friday: Partly to mostly cloudy. Highs just under 60.

Saturday: Sunshine and seasonable. Highs approaching 60.

Sunday: More sunshine and dry. Highs within a few degrees of 68.

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