Forecast: A Return To Sunshine

We got a little bit of winter yesterday across much of the region with enough snow accumulating to make it look like it should have a month ago. It's ironic that some areas have seen more snow this month than they did in January and February combined, but it's New England and nothing really surprises me when it comes to the weather.

The wet weather will move quickly eastward today and we'll look for some clearing to take place with developing sunshine. There's another coastal storm developing for Wednesday, and, unlike yesterday's storm, it looks like it's going to be mild enough that snow will not be a problem.

Temperatures today will reach into the lower 50s in many areas. (Courtesy:NOAA)
Temperatures today will reach into the lower 50s in many areas. (Courtesy:NOAA)

Thursday should bring a lot of clouds, but little, if any, precipitation.

Temperatures on Friday get back into the 50s with a blend of clouds and sunshine. This will be a nice day to get outside if you need a break and want to do some outdoor exercise.

If you're thinking about gardening you could try to plant your peas. They can rot if we get cool, damp weather, so just be aware there's the chance that it does fail.

There's still some questions around the weekend. It looks like they'll be some unsettled weather, but I don't think the weekend is going to be a washout. Over the next couple of days, I'll try to nail down exactly when precipitation may fall and when the driest weather will be.
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