10-Year-Old Girl Shot In Roxbury

A 10-year-old Roxbury girl is recovering after being hit by a stray bullet Saturday evening.

Boston police say the girl was shot inside her apartment at 21 Nazing St. just after 5 p.m. after there was a disturbance between two groups in the building.

Mayor Marty Walsh said with social distancing recommendations, the group should have never been together.

"We’ve told people no gatherings because you're putting people in harm's way," he said, according to NBC Boston.  "I don’t know much more we can say. The gun play in the streets of Boston needs to stop."

The shooting comes a few days after 17-year-old Alissa King was shot and killed in Dorchester.

Despite stay-at-home advisories and recommended curfews in the city of Boston, shootings and violence are still happening.

Data from police show there has been no change in the number of documented shootings in the number of documented shootings in the city in March 2019, as compared to March 2019.

Police Commissioner William Gross put some of the blame on recent court decisions. The state's highest court last week upheld the release of a man awaiting trial for murder. William Utley, who is undergoing cancer treatment, was released to home confinement and GPS monitoring by a judge because of the threat of coronavirus.

"So when you do things like that, it sets a tone [of] I can do whatever I want... if you are letting an alleged murderer go," Gross said, according to NBC Boston. "What do you think the attitude is going to be out here in the street? So yeah I'm pissed off about it. Now a 10-year-old's shot."



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