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Today's Weather: Chance Of Showers Or A Thunderstorm

Boston could certainly use some rain. So it's a good thing there's the chance for a couple of showers, and even a thunderstorm, today as a cold front approaches.

It's been a hot start to meteorological summer, with parts of Northern Maine seeing six days already at 90 degrees. Closer to home, five of the past six days have seen areas northwest of Boston at or above 90.

All this has also warmed up water temperatures in the lake and the ocean, and they are now quite comfortable. Around Nantucket the water temperatures have reach 70 degrees and it's well into the 60s in many other areas.

It looks as though there's the chance for a shower or two for several days heading into the weekend and into next week. I don't expect any widespread rain or any washouts, but if we get lucky some areas will at least start to lessen the deficit of rainfall.

Tomorrow looks like the best weather day on the horizon, with abundant sunshine and temperatures into the 80s. Humidity levels are also going to be much lower than we're seeing today.

Showers and storms are going to be scattered today as a cold front approaches. (Courtesy: COD Weather)
Showers and storms are going to be scattered today as a cold front approaches. (Courtesy: COD Weather)

The reason you're going to see showers in the forecast for Friday and the weekend is because the upper levels of the atmosphere remain somewhat unstable and a pop-up shower is possible in this type of pattern. Still, the drought possibility remains high.

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Wednesday: Sun and clouds, humid. Afternoon storms. Highs from 78-83 on Cape Cod, 85-92 inland

Thursday: Back to drier air and still warm with sunshine. Highs 84-88. Cooler Cape

Friday: Clouds and sun. Pop up shower. Highs near 85. Cooler south coast

Saturday: Sun and clouds. Still warm with highs near 88.  Small risk of a storm

Sunday: Partly cloudy. Highs around 84

Monday: Partly sunny with a shower.  Highs in the lower 80s

Tuesday: Sun and clouds, may shower.  Highs 78-82

David Epstein Twitter Meteorologist
David Epstein is WBUR's meteorologist.


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