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Joe Biden Wins Massachusetts

This article is more than 1 year old.

Former Vice President Joe Biden will win Massachusetts and capture its 11 Electoral College votes. The Associated Press called the race soon after polls closed in the state.

Four years ago, Hillary Clinton outperformed President Trump in this very blue state 60.8% to 33.5%, beating him by almost 1 million votes. A Republican has not won Massachusetts in a general election since Ronald Reagan carried the state in 1984.

Biden is expected to run up huge numbers in the democratic strongholds of Boston, Cambridge, Somerville and Newton. Trump, meanwhile, is expected to do best in central Massachusetts and across the South Shore and South Coast regions.

But even in these reddish towns, Trump has lost the support of some people, including Nicholas Vantangoli, a history teacher at Ware High School.

"If you take a ride through the downtown area of our town here, you can see a skeleton of a former place... and that is part of the reason I had come out in favor of President Trump at the time," Vantangoli told WBUR in July.

Vantangoli is disappointed those jobs haven't come back as the president promised. And he said Trump has done a poor job handling the pandemic, falling short of being a "calm, collected leader" that the nation need, while failing to heed the experts.

While the race was called early in Massachusetts, other states — including several battlegrounds — are expected to take significantly longer.

To see live nationwide results for the presidential election, go here.


Anthony Brooks Twitter Senior Political Reporter
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