Chelsea Police: Fake Immigration Letter Sent To Residents Threatening Forcible Removal

Police in Chelsea are investigating a fake letter sent to some residents purporting to be from the federal Department of Homeland Security.

The letter tells residents they are known to be in the country illegally, have been under surveillance and will be forcibly removed from the country if they don't leave on their own.

Chelsea Police Chief Brian Kyes said that he checked with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Boston, which confirmed the letter was fake.

"Please disregard the contents of what is directed about leaving the country immediately and so forth," Kyes said. "I mean --  just totally a hoax, if you will. I mean, just totally fraudulent."

He said about a dozen people have received the letters so far. The police are unsure if residents are being targeted and what a motive would be, but Kyes noted that the letters he has seen so far appear to be addressed to residents with Latino last names.

Police are asking that anyone who receives the letter hand it over to police so they can investigate.

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