Dorchester woman charged with assaulting Boston police officer at city hall 'protest'

A Dorchester woman who allegedly assaulted a Boston Police officer as she tried to disrupt a City Hall press conference on Tuesday was arraigned Wednesday in a Boston courtroom.

Catherine Vitale, 31, was arrested as she attempted to force her way into City Hall after she and her megaphone were previously ejected.

According to Suffolk County District Attorney Kevin Hayden's office, Vitale pushed an officer as she tried to force her way into the building with a second person, who had also been ejected.

"The right to protest and to dissent are central to our democracy and will be protected. Physical assaults, however, are not a valid form of protest," Hayden said.

Judge Richard Sinnott released Vitale on personal recognizance, but she must return to court to face charges on May 13.

Vitale is part of a small group of noisy protestors who have been harassing public officials — mainly Mayor Michelle Wu — for months over their objections to COVID-19-related rules in the city.

This story was originally published by the Dorchester Reporter.



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