Smoke from Nova Scotia wildfires cloud Cape Cod, southern New England

(Courtesy National Weather Service)
(Courtesy National Weather Service)

Massachusetts residents with sensitive noses might be able to get a whiff of the wildfires burning hundreds of miles away in Nova Scotia. On Tuesday morning, smoke from the Canadian province moved over Cape Cod, according to the National Weather Service.

The wildfires have created a blanket of haze under what are otherwise sunny skies through parts of southern New England. And visibility is expected to worsen as the smoke spreads across the region throughout Tuesday, said National Weather Service meteorologist Robert Megnia.

While forecasters have not issued any air quality alerts, Megnia said people should exercise caution.

"We do urge caution to any vulnerable population who could have any kind of breathing issues. It's an air quality issue for some," he said.

For others, he said the haze may just be a "nuisance."

Skies are expected to begin clearing Tuesday evening as the wind shifts the smoke in the direction of New York, before changing again and heading toward Vermont.

The Nova Scotia fires causing the haze started burning Monday amid extreme heat, and have scorched over 25,000 acres and forced the evacuation of tens of thousands of people, according to CNN.

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