Storms bring flood and tornado watches to New England

Radar for the Massachusetts area on Sunday, July 15, 2023. (National Weather Service)
Radar for the Massachusetts area on Sunday, July 15, 2023. (National Weather Service)

Rain swept through Massachusetts on Sunday, with flood watches and tornado warnings in certain areas.

The National Weather Service enacted a flood watch through late Sunday for Boston and most of the region. A flash flood warning is in effect for Boston, Cambridge and the region through 8:30 p.m.

A tornado watch was in effect for much of southern New England through the afternoon on Sunday.

This is all part of a string of quick moving rain and thunderstorms that are moving through the area.

WBUR meteorologist Danielle Noyes says flooding is a major concern with this storm.

"The problem is we've had such a wet stretch — these tropical downpours come in and they drop one to two inches of rain per hour — so the ground just can't handle it," she said. "It's already saturated, and that's when we get the localized flooding, and road closures, and washout concerns."

Sunday's rain is coming just days after major flooding hit western Massachusetts and Vermont.

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Jim McGovern surveyed the damage to crops in western Massachusetts and say they will ask the president for more relief to farmers.

"It's something we have to address today, because people have to pay their bills, pay their workers," Warren said. "It's something we got to stay engaged in over a long period of time."

The state estimates 75 farms in the western part of the state have been affected by the storms.


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